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The Most Important Car in British Motoring History

The Most Important Car in British Motoring History

Britain is known to produce some of the best cars in the world, but the highly rated to date is the Rolls Royce. The first model known as the Silver Ghost was launched in 1907, and it managed to cover over 14,371 miles non-stop.


Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce were the founders of the company. A lady once asked Sir Henry what would happen if a fault wasn’t picked up by any of the quality inspectors, to which he calmly replied; “Madam, the man on the gate would not allow the car to leave the premises.” Even more interesting is the fact that the original Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is possibly the most travelled, as well as the most valuable car in the entire world. Estimates of its value range from 10,000,000-30,000,000 Great Britain Pounds. It is also said that the air conditioning in a Rolls-Royce has the cooling power of at least 30 domestic refrigerators.

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