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James Buchanan: The Only U.S. President Never to Tie the Knot

James Buchanan (1791-1868) was the 15th President of the United States. A Democrat from Pennsylvania, he was President from 1857-1861, and probably best remembered as one of the most negatively viewed presidents in our nation’s history. He is consistently ranked as one of our worst presidents, mainly because he was president as tensions between the abolitionist North and the slaveholding South rose to a boil. By the end of his term, South Carolina had seceded from the Union, with ten other Southern states following suit shortly thereafter, as a result of the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln. These events were succeeded by the Civil War, which roared from 1861-1865.

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The Most Photographed Attraction in Seattle

spaceneedlenope2Ah, the rainy city of Seattle. Actually, the “rainy” part is a bit exaggerated, because while it does get a lot of overcast skies, it has fewer inches of annual rainfall than New York City, Chicago, or even Atlanta. Rain or shine, there is a multitude of photogenic scenes to be found in Seattle. Pike Place Market, the majestic views of Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains towards the west, the Fremont Troll, and the Experience Music Project to name a few. However, Seattle’s most photographed landmark is… NOT the Space Needle, as many would have probably guessed right off the bat! It’s certainly reasonable to assume that the highlight of Seattle’s skyline would be the most photographed landmark within its borders, but the cameras find their way to a particular nearby location even more often.

So what is it that can outshine the allure of Seattle’s defining landmark and draw photographers away?

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